16: Jayme Cowley’s Favourite Thing

Videomaker Jayme Cowley comes by to talk about the craft of telling a good story through film, the ethics of digital media in advertising, and his favourite thing!

Watch the VSO commercial here



15: Taletta’s Favourite Thing

Taletta and I talk about embarrassing memories of the Christian music we grew up listening to, she shares about growing up in rural Saskatchewan, and of course, her favourite thing!

Hear her song “Soft Glow” at 20:41
And hear “Heartbreak Valley” at 32:29
Her favourite thing comes in around 35:57

More Taletta:

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13: Darby Arens’ Favourite Thing

Graphic Designer and Visual Artist Darby Arens comes on the show to talk about having a day job as an artist, Skate Goats, doing art with youth on the margins, and of course, her favourite thing!

Darby’s favourite thing comes in around 25:46

More Darby:

Art stuff: www.darbyarens.com Insta: @darbyarensart
Skate Goats: www.skategoats.bigcartel.com Insta: @skate.goats
Creative Life: www.youthunlimited.com/our-team/darby-arens Insta: @creativelife.eastvan